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Mike Baur Encourages Business Owners To Dig Out Of The Start Up Hole.

If you have not heard about Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory, you might be living under a rock. The factory offers a core product that is a three month start up program with coaching and mentoring, space for an office, financing and networking services and more. Mike Baur is the Co-Founder of the organization and the company’s CEO. The idea behind the creation of The Swiss Start Up Factory was that they would create companies that are global and those companies would be outside of the box of models of business that were normal. Mike has over 19 years of experience in the industry of Swiss banking. He currently works on the fundraising and financing rounds at Swiss Start Up Factory, a job that he is successful at and loves.


Mike calls it the factory because they want to manufacture new companies using their process. Mike understands that the younger generation might be on the wrong track and need guidance. So he and others help the young business owners roll up their shirt sleeves and dig their way out of the startup hole. The company are invested in the future of these startups, they want you to achieve success and will put their reputation and their money on the line to help others reach their dreams and goals.


Mike Baur helps people create successful companies. He uses a formula that innovates and accelerates business success by helping others work together. Mike understands what is needed to get investors to invest and what needs to be done to create successful startups. Mike is motivated because of his experience in the Swiss banking industry; he understands hard work and passion. When you add hard work and passion, your outcome is success. Mike knows that you must love an believe in what you do and Swiss Start Up Factory helps to build the foundation to build a solid, life changing business that is stable and profitable.


Mike Baur believes in the mind set of being a business owner. Mr. Baur knows that being a successful business owner requires more than just a college class on business; it requires determination and a drive to be the best you can be. That is one of the things that Swiss Start Up Factory will help with, providing all the tools that are needed to insure success is within reach. If you or someone you know has the drive to dig out of the start up hole, Mike Baur and Swiss Start Up Factory can help.

Nathaniel Ru Is Opening Up A Healthy Enterprise

Right now, there is a growing enterprise that offers food that is very good. However, every franchise got its start. Often times, the beginning of a franchise stems from a problem that the franchise starter has seen. As a result, he has looked for ways to provide that solution. Often times, the solution comes in the form of a successful company. The customers are happy about the solution and the creator of the business profits off of their satisfaction. One of the reasons that it turns out to be successful is that the business owner is very passionate about his business and the purpose behind it.

One thing that got Nathaniel Ru started towards being an entrepreneur was the fact that he along with the other founders of Sweetgreen were children of entrepreneurs. Therefore, they do not get the appeal of working a regular job and trying to climb up the ladder. One thing that Nathaniel Ru understood is that a lot of jobs that are offered are dead end jobs that don’t go anywhere. Not only are their parents entrepreneurs, but some of their parents are also involved in the restaurant industry.

One of the things that inspired the team behind Sweetgreen is that they wanted better food outside of the college campuses. However, they looked and looked for food that is a lot healthier and inexpensive. They have found that the options for salads were lacking. As a result, Nathaniel and others have gotten together to form an idea that dealt with the issue in the food industry. Among the issues that they were faced with was the fact that a lot of the salads and healthy snacks were out of touch. Some of them weren’t even healthy because of the processing that have went into it.

As they worked on the concept, the rest fell into place. Eventually, Sweetgreen was born. They have worked diligently and with a lot of discipline in order to get the multi-million dollar enterprise off the ground. As a result, people were able to experience the health and great taste of the items that Sweetgreen has to offer. As a result, Nathaniel’s company has become very popular among many customers.


How to Restore Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is never fun. It can look really bad if nothing is done about it. There are some things that you can do to help your damaged hair. Here are some items you can use on your damaged hair to restore your hair back to health.
One thing you can do to restore your hair back to a healthy look is to use avocado. Mash up the avocado and put it in your hair. Leave the avocado in your hair for thirty minutes before rinsing it out. This helps to restore your hair back to normal because it has a lot of fatty acids and vitamins in it. Put avocado in your hair once a week to get your hair back to it’s healthy glow.

Putting olive oil in your hair can help with damaged hair. You should Use a half of a cup of olive oil and massage it into your hair. Then cover your hair with a towel. Leave the olive oil on your hair for forty five minutes before rinsing it out and shampooing.

If you have really damaged hair then you should try to massage butter into it. This will help to restore the shine into your hair. Put this on your hair and then leave it on for half an hour. Then you should shampoo the butter out. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Lastly, you should use great hair care products. One company that offers great products is Wen hair by Chaz. This hair brand by Chaz Dean has a lot of different products to choose from. They have styling creme, mousse, conditioner, and many others.

WEN Hair has a lot of different formulas to choose from. You can pick from Pomegranate, Almond Mint, and Lavender. They offer their products through a subscription service or on QVC that provides customers with a pack of products each month.

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Attorneys Helping SEC Whistlebowers

The law firm Lataton Sucharow LLP was the first in the country to focus exclusively on representation of SEC whistleblowers. They recently announced winning an award of over $17 million from the Securities and Exchange Commission for one of their clients.

This represents the 2nd-largest award since the SEC Whistleblower Program was launched in 2010. A 2014 case resulted in over $30 million. This program allows eligible whistleblowers to receive 10% to 30% of the monetary penalties leveled in successful legal action against firms violating SEC regulations.

The SEC does not provide specific case information in order to protect whistleblowers. But it verified that Labaton Scharow’s client provided vital information that led to sanctions against a major player in the financial industry.
Labaton Sucharow also successfully represented the first whistleblower to suffer retaliation from an employer. The New York legal firm is led by SEC Whistleblower lawyer Jordan Thomas, a former Assistant Director with the SEC’s Division of Enforcement.

The Dodd-Frank Act
The Whistleblower program began with the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, the most comprehensive reform of U.S. financial rules since the days of the Great Depression. Officially the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, it was led by congressmen Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Among the reforms it called for was the establishment of a whistleblower program that would both protect and provide incentives to employees who report violations of the federal security laws which the SEC oversees.

Under the Whistleblower Program, the SEC is required to pay out these rewards when enforced sanctions exceed $1 million. Whistleblowers may also be eligible for additional awards from monetary sanctions collected by other regulatory or law enforcement agencies. Companies are strictly forbidden to take retaliation against any employee who reports violations. In order to get full anonymity, however, the employee must be represented by an SEC Whistleblower attorney who requests it. There are now a number of attorneys that can guide whistleblowers through the process.

The Whistleblower Program allows individuals to report potential securities or federal tax violations confidentially. The SEC’s budget was raised to $2.5 billion in 2015. Congress has also established an Investor Protection Fund of over $400 million to cover these awards. It’s hoped that this program will inspire more financial sector employees to report illicit activities by offering them protection, anonymity, and sizeable monetary rewards.

Lovaganza Announces Important Dates recently issued a press release pertaining to the increasingly anticipated event “Lovaganza”. Lovaganza has been in the works for years now. By the time the event finally launches, it is likely a decade or more will have gone into its planning. But when one considers what is planned, that makes sense.

Originally slated for a 2015 release, according to, Lovaganza will now launch in 2020. But to keep appetites properly whetted, there will be three films in Lovaganza’s own IMMERSCOPE released sequentially starting in 2017.

The reason Lovaganza re-evaluated its release strategy had a lot to do with technological advances in the market. It was discovered that newer and better means of doing what the designers of Lovaganza intend to do were available. Naturally, those involved decided to start backing these new innovations, and re-designed their marketing plan.

Lovaganza’s primary centerpiece will be a kind of 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses. Called IMMERSCOPE, this is made possible through a screen that is one hundred and eighty degrees. The viewing experience is comparable to being in a play at a theatre which has the production values of a big-budget Hollywood picture on That kind of intimacy can really convey a message, and this important truth is not lost on the Lovaganza planners. They’ve got nine films slated for eventual release, the first trilogy of this nine having already begun principal photography. Each film will feature themes of music, dance, and a sort of Bohemian celebration centered in cultural idiosyncrasies and individuality. The diverseness of mankind across the world will be celebrated with the idea of a convoy tying all these things together.

The convoy is a core concept of Lovaganza, and will be properly epitomized in an actual convoy that will showcase IMMERSCOPE across the world.

Lovaganza’s launch will take place simultaneously in eight locations strategically located at population centers across the planet. These locations are in America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East.

The aims of those producing Lovaganza are very high, and seem to incorporate substantial funding. With the kind of technological presentations and exhibitions that will be available during the main event, coupled with live performances and IMMERSCOPE, it will be interesting to see exactly how this monster budget is properly applied. With likely a decade or more of planning and design poured into it by its launch date, Lovaganza is an undertaking unlike any the world has seen in recorded history.

How Does Richard Blair Offer Financial Advice To His Customers?

Every customer who comes to Richard Blair for help needs to be sure that they ask for the most current financial advice available. His company is prepared to offer customers the help they need to retire correctly, and his company knows how to show people unique ways to make money in retirement. The people who want to make money in Retirement really want to be sure that they have learned how to manage their money in a smarter way.

Richard Blair has been running Wealth Solutions for several years, and he believes that he has a formula that will work for any of his clients. There are several ways for people to make money once they choose to retire, but there are several more ways for these people to plan for the future. That is why people need to work with Richard Blair, and they need to allow him to figure out what is going on with their personal finances.

It can be very simple for people to learn how to invest for retirement, and they can turn their retirement dreams over to Richard Blair. There are many people who come come to see what is possible with their money, and they might even got some easy things that will be able to raise money. The clients might learn to rent a space, and the clients might even learn how to manage their money on their own.

They will also learn how to manage their money based on world events that they observe. Someone who understands how to watch out for their own money has a better chance of retiring, and Wealth Solutions will make sure that the clients are informed of the status of their cash. Richard Blair creates the reports, and he makes sure that all his clients feel like they are learning about their money and making money at the same time. The money that is made is used for retirement purposes, and it can change the lives of the clients. Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions to help his clients, and he has many today who believe in his formula for success.

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Doe Deere Offers Amazingly Creative Makeup For Her Fans


Creativity is an important quality. When people are creative, they are able to look at ideas from many perspectives and invent new solutions. One person who has brought a great deal of creativity to her own field is makeup expert and businesswoman Doe Deere. Born in Russia and raised in New York City, Deere is someone who comes by her own creativity naturally. She knows that art has no boundaries and can be found just anywhere someone cares to look and find it. She has found it many places, particularly in the field of makeup. Her own personal sense of self is something that she talks about in a recent article online. Here, she tells her readers and fans about where she personally finds a sense of creativity and inspiration.

Bringing Ideas To Life

Like so many other creative people, Deere knows that process of creating something new and special can take time. She finds that she needs to wait for just the right moment for inspiration. This can take time. But she is patient and willing to wait and watch. Once an idea hits her, she knows that it is time to act on it as soon as possible. Her willingness to rush forward with an idea is part of her own creativity and passion. Once she has that inspiration, she can start to bring an idea to life. She starts by using the concept she has on herself first. This way, she can see how it works for her before she brings to life for her many fans.

Getting Through The Day

When not working on new ideas for her company, she’s at work each day. She works closely with her Creative Director. Together, they come up with ideas of all kinds and manage all areas of daily business. Her aim at her company is to always be on top of business. Part of her day is spent consulting with others at her firm in order to make sure that her customers can get access to her product line. She knows that creativity is best when it is shared with others. Being able to bounce ideas off of other people is something that helps her approach each work day happily and ready to think of new ideas that she knows her fans will probably enjoy.

Helping Clients

Deere is very much a pioneer in her field. She has shown that it is possible to take a makeup idea and concept about cosmetics and then bring it it to life. She has also shown via Lime Crime, that cosmetics can be sold online to a receptive audience. It is all about building trust with her legion of fans each day. They know they can trust her to demonstrate how a product looks not only on a piece of paper but also how it will look on a pair of actual lips. It is her own personal understanding of both creativity and details that has helped her so so well.