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Dick DeVos’ Road to Leadership

Dick DeVos, the extremely wealthy owner of Amway, has had a long and successful career in both business and politics. Over the course of his career, Dick DeVos has gathered expertise in several different arenas. The executive has experience with owning and operating a business, running political campaigns, acting as a candidate in political campaigns, and even owning and operating sports franchises. DeVos has stated that his many business ventures have helped to shape him into the person he has become. He believes that it is extremely important for young professionals to engage in a wide array of professional activities in order to ensure they are able to handle varying degrees of business management.

During a recent interview with a prominent business and leadership magazine, Dick DeVos discussed the many ways that his business decisions had left a mark on his present day life. DeVos began his career by taking control of Amway, a multi-level marketing supplier of household goods that was founded by his father, Dick DeVos Sr. After being thoroughly prepared for the position by both his college business courses and his personal experience with working for the company in his youth, Dick DeVos was excited to add to the excellent company that his father had built. Within 5 years, Dick DeVos had led the company to tremendous success and had exceeded his personal expectations regarding his leadership of Amway.

After the businessman had settled into his new leadership position at Amway, he decided to pursue other business and political opportunities. After attempting to partner with several companies as the head of leadership, Devos finally established a credible partnership with a large equipment supplier in Michigan. This was the beginning of a long history of several successful business partnerships between Devos and other Michigan business owners.

After merging with several local business owners, Devos decided that he was interested in purchasing a local sporting franchise. The billionaire has owned both local professional sporting franchises and franchise in other states. Devos’ most famous acquisition occurred when the billionaire purchased the Orlando Magic professional basketball franchise. DeVos stated that he greatly enjoyed his time as the owner of the team and will always cherish his experience with this franchise. The business owner has also owned other professional sporting teams in Orlando and Michigan. Devos stated that his ownership of the sporting teams helped him to gain an interesting perspective regarding business relationships.

Wen by Chaz Strengthens And Nourishes Your Hair

In a recent Bustle online article one young lady decided to use Wen by Chaz for the first time and give an actual account of its use. She says that she has thin hair and would like something that will make her hair have more volume. Her goal was to use it every day for one week and she chose to use the strengthening conditioner. She was glad to know that she could easily order their products online on Amazon and have them shipped right to her door. She was impressed with the packaging and it was a genie in a bottle for under $40.
She noticed far less breakage in the shower and noticeably stronger and healthier hair after one week. In fact, WEN by Chaz is safe to use for men and women with all hair care types. They have a list of all natural products with a rich aroma that will leave you feeling refreshed. She noticed that her hair was able to withstand the elements of the heat and humidity of the south. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers for a safe and affordable way to treat your hair.

Moreover, Wen by Chaz has the proper usage clearly listed on every bottle so you don’t waste your money and use to much. You can get organic products like tea tree oil shampoos and all-in-one conditioners. You can get the confidence back that you want with your hair by using Wen by Chaz whenever you decide to wash or condition your hair. Bustle magazine says that Wen by Chaz is a wonderful product that maintains hair quality for all ages including men and women. Order your Wen by Chaz products from their official website or and get more information on products and discount options available. Read more about Wen:


White Shark Media Always Gets The Best Reviews

White Shark Media has come up with a way that people will always have the best experience and give the best reviews of their work. They are not forcing good reviews out of their customers, but they are creating an environment that is why welcoming and friendly for all clients.

A client who comes to White Shark Media for the first time will find out that they can ask for anything and get anything in return. They can make requests of the team at White Shark Media Review team, and there will be a nice result on the other end.

The best part for every customer is that they have every option on Earth when they call White Shark Media, and they are free to ask for as many changes as they need until they get the things that they need most.

The video below explains more about WSM:


A client could call on White Shark Media to make a big change to their project, or they could ask for a side project that will parallel the project they already have. White Shark Media can put more people on the job if that is what is needed, and they will make sure the project gets done on time.

Clients at White Shark Media are always happy with the work that they see, and that makes it easier for them to move on with other projects. White Shark Media has a good sense for when a client needs to make changes, and they also know the client might want to expand on what they are already doing.

The plan that people come up with will be reviewed by the White Shark Media team, and then they will be able to see a change in the way they work with each new client. Clients are never given the one size fits all treatment. They get the exact project they asked for from White Shark Media.

It is very easy for people to get good results at White Shark Media. Their team can program anything from a website to a marketing campaign, and they track their own progress. White Shark Media keeps up with every client, keeps them happy and answers their questions any time of day or night.

One’s Own Online Reputation Management

Lately, when people hear about online reputation management, one of the things they think about is a company that does the work for them. However, they do not have to spend tons of money for a company to do all of the work. They can find ways to provide their own reputation management. These days, online reputation is the most important. One thing that the business owner or anyone else that is prominent should do is be proactive about hi reputation. Instead of getting reputation management services out of a reaction to an attack, it is better to find a company that will provide services before the attack. This way, it will not only help the person prepare for a possible attack, it will also help the person build a much stronger reputation.
Website reveals that there are things a business owner could do,  includes setting up social media accounts and maintaining them. There is also the ownership of multiple domains. With social media, the business owner could fill out all of the information so that search engines will index them at a high rank. People who search for the business owner or the individual will more easily find him. The most important form of online reputation management is to provide content that is optimized for search engines. Among the ways one could optimize a page is by using the keywords on the title of the website as well as in the content.

One very important thing to do is to stay on top of updates. If the site is not regularly updated, then the owner will most likely start losing viewers. People need to have a reason to visit the site. Providing new content is one of the best ways to keep people coming to the site.

When providing new content, it is best to be mindful what is posted. If one person posts something that is offensive, or even taken the wrong way, then this could result in a major problem for the person’s reputation. There are also plenty of other ways to manage one’s own reputation in order to avoid any attacks.


Things are JustFab with Co-founder Don Ressler

When you hear the word startup, one name should pop into your head and that is Don Ressler. This is the name behind a number of successful startups that went on to have an ample amount of success. One of these more successful names was Intelligent Beauty and many of the off shoots that have come from this company as well. After this initial startup, the was the next target on his radar. It was then that Don Ressler teamed up with a very young 19 year old by the name of Adam Goldenberg to go on and form Alena Media. The Company went on to make money hand over fist and was an overwhelming success Their dream had been purchased in 2005 and was sitting being ignored. This was a blessing for the two as they went on to venture out on their own and explore new avenues for making money.

With a lot of help from others that had been friends in the Alena Media days, Ressler and Goldenberg went on to form Brand Ideas. This company would later go on to be known as Intelligent Beauty, this was the first direct to consumer brand building venture that the two had ever attempted and it was an overwhelming success. After a lot of moving and positioning into place took place, SENSA was introduced to the public and yet again this was a home run for the duo. Over the course of time, Ressler and Goldenberg founded JustFab. This was the diamond in their crown as this company saw profits that few experts even expected or thought was possible.

In 2013 the dream of being more than just an online store became a reality when JustFab launched their first actual store where customers could go and actually see and try on the products themselves. JustFab was one of and still is one of the most successful stories that will come from the world of startups. Many people that are the brains behind a startup will see this as an inspiration and will keep this as their overall goal. No one really knows what it is that makes Don Ressler tick, but whatever it is, it is something that has led to a lot of success over the last few years. Only time will tell just how far does the Ressler meteor go and how long it will continue to burn bright as the sun.