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Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm, founded by Richard Blair. The services that are offered through the company are Wealth Management, Financial Planning and Retirement planning. Wealth Management includes the creation of a investment portfolio, which allows an appropriate diversification that is based on the client’s individual need’s and goals. This includes a variety of both traditional and alternative investment courses. It is believed by Richard that the true key to successful wealth management is collaboration. A few things that have been found through clients doing wealth management, is that the clients have personal and unique investing goals, seek the advice they can trust, want a customized solution, not just a generic product, and other important points. In the creation of Financial Planning, it is beneficial to help the client to establish short term and long term goals, as it relates to their life. This includes determining the value of their assets, liabilities, and to evaluate their financial position. It also includes paying close attention to the client’s retirement plan, including the goals and objectives. Comprehensive financial planning is not only limited to retirement or estate planning, but also includes college planning. Retirement Planning is also an important aspect of Wealth Solutions, as it should be made clear that this is not just something that should be dealt with later in life. Many of the client’s that have worked with Richard, have accumulated assets, but are not sure how to plan an effective retirement plan, or even where to start. However, it is important to have an effective retirement plan that is essential for clients to keep up their lifestyle after retirement. Other items included in Wealth Solutions is Resources, Events and Client Concierge.

As the financial advisor for Wealth Solutions, which is located in Bee Cave, Texas, Richard Blair has over 24 years of experience. He has the following registrations of Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner. As an Investment Advisor, he is a person who is paid to provide advice about securities within finances. And with Financial Planner Certification, this is what allows him to provide financial advice. Richard also enjoys being challenged in helping others to accomplish their own financial goals.

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