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BENEFUL offers a variety of nutritionally satisfying foods for your dog

Just like their human companions, dogs have individual tastes and unique nutritional needs. BENEFUL Dog Foods b Nestle PurinaStore offer a variety of choice dry and wet dog foods to suit every taste and that provide nutritional value for every stage of life for your dog.

If your pooch prefers dry dog food Beneful offers several choices, each providing 100% of the daily nutrition your dog needs, plus antioxidants and great flavor. BENEFUL Dry Dog Food Originals is made with real beef and mixed with real spinach, peas, and carrots. BENEFUL Dry Dog Food Originals also comes in other flavors like real chicken with carrots, tomato, and avocado and real salmon with sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. All of BENEFUL’s Original varieties have soft and crunchy bites in its mix to give your dog a delicious dish.
If your dog requires special nutritional needs Beneful has just what you need to be sure your dog has a healthy life. BENEFUL Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken includes apples, carrots, and green beans in a calorie conscience mix of crunchy and soft pieces that will keep your dog satisfied and at a healthy weight. To give your mature dog a life full of energy and play offer them BENEFUL Dry Dog Food Playful Life with real beef and egg, blueberries, and spinach. This protein packed mix of soft and crunchy pieces will keep your dog young, full of life, and nutritionally satisfied.
Keep your dog healthy and happy with one of BENEFUL’s varieties of nutritionally complete and taste satisfying foods! Find this products on Wal-Mart. Try them today!

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A Little History of Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime has revolutionized the makeup industry. They have pioneered the concept of vivid, bold-colored cosmetics, as well as the idea of purchasing them over the Internet. Lime Crime Makeup is a huge, unique phenomenon. Perhaps it is time to reflect on their beginnings. Where did they come from and how did they get so big? Keep reading and we will tell you.

Believe it or not, this makeup company began as an Internet clothing line. Back in 2003 Xenia Vorotova, also known as Doe Deere, started selling do-it-yourself clothing on well-known auction site, eBay. She dubbed this business Thunderwear, as it boasted ultramodern, yet quite stylish, fashions. These were especially attractive to young women. In October of that year Xenia launched a live journal community called Little Big Girls. This community was accessible only via personal invitation. In 2004 Xenia changed the name of her online store to Lime Crime.

During these years Doe Deere toyed with the idea of leaving the fashion world to pursue a career in music. She had a band, Sky Salt, who released a CD. Although Ms. Deere and her band were fairly successful, she ultimately decided to remain on the fashion scene. Lime Crime’s multitude of fans were happy with this.

The next couple of years proved to be a transitional period for the fledgling company. Doe Deere became increasingly disappointed by existing cosmetic companies. She could never find colors to go with her unique clothes. Her disappointment quickly turned into inspiration as she decided to create her own extraordinary cosmetic line. So in 2008 Lime Crime Makeup was officially born. It featured bold, vivid colors that nobody else dared to touch. Then Ms. Deere took things a step further and sold the makeup over the Internet. The response was electric and Lime Crime Makeup sold like wildfire

Today Lime Crime is a household word amongst scores of young women and Doe Deere is a role model. One of her proudest claims-to-fame is that her cosmetics are 100% animal-cruelty free and vegan made. They vow to continue on in this way for decades to come.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Facebook, and shop their fashion options on Amazon.

What Is Beneful Serving?

Caring for a pet requires being very diligent. Not only does a dog have to be fed regularly, the canine has to be given quality food. Purina launched Beneful dog food many years ago to ensure dogs do get proper nutrition. A lot of work goes into Beneful gourmet dog food as evidenced by a few of the exquisite selections.
Even Beneful treats ( are special. Treats are given to pets as somewhat of a total afterthought. Usually, treats are rewards for behavior. Treats could also be a source of nutritional support for a pet. Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges are inteded to help a bit with dental care. Dogs cannot brush or flush, but they can eat treats that aid in cutting down on plaque and tarter.

A dog’s dry food bowl should always be filled so the pet can get a little snack here and there when needed. There’s no reason the dry food should be anything less than beneficial to the dog’s health.

Beneful Originals ( come in many servings. The one made with real chicken reflects a dry food that delivers an excellent serving of protein. This particular dry food is also accented with tomatoes, carrots, and avocados. All three of those added ingredients are known not only for their taste, but also for their vitamins and nutrients. Dry food ceases to become mere filler when items such as these are added to the mix.

Dry food and treats are nice, but a dog does need a main course. Beneful wet foods are the perfect main courses.

Beneful Chopped Blends with Turkey is a really eye-catching choice. Not only does the main poultry selection provide good nutrition, so do all the other interesting ingredients. Sweet potatoes are part of the mix and they are an excellent source of natural carbohydrates. Brown rice and spinach add even more nutrients. A dog will appreciate them.

Savory Rice & Lamb Stew truly does highlight the innovative nature of Beneful food choices. A brilliant wet food item like this does show a great deal of work goes into creating products in Beneful’s inventory. These products are widely sold at WalMart.

Bury Those Negative Reviews

If you are an entrepreneur, you probably have red eyes. People are always asking if you were able to sleep the night before. But you need to force yourself to be as pleasant as possible so that you can maintain a positive relationship with your clients so that you do not go out of business. Maybe you are facing a lawsuit, employees have quit or some other stress factor. This all goes to say that as an entrepreneur, you have a lot to deal with. The last thing that you need is somebody posting things on the Internet about you. But, unfortunately, that happens more often that you would think.

An Ex-Girlfriend
People are often their most immature when it comes to difficult relationships. If you had a bad breakup, you probably saw a side of your significant other that nobody has ever seen before, and that they deeply regret. But during this heightened state of emotion, this person may have gone on the Internet to publish some very negative remarks about you. Now, any time somebody does a search for your name, they learn that you are a duplicitous liar who takes advantage of people. Of course, that is wildly exaggerated. But that is the perception that people will have of you.

Refusing To Remove It
Of course, this individual may be refusing to remove the article. No matter how much you protest and plead with them, they tell you that you deserve, that all of the information is factual and that people deserve to know who you are. This individual is only seeing his or her anger without properly thinking things through. After all, an article on the Internet could ruin your reputation for the rest of your life. But the question is, is it completely hopeless?

No. There Is Bury Bad Articles
If an ex has smeared you in this way, there is action that you can take. It does not need to be removed from the Internet. You can just bury it. That is what Bury Bad Articles. They bury negative articles about you.

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White Shark Media Swims the Waters of PPC Management

Small businesses have to reach new customers all the time. Not only does a small business have to put advertisements under the eyes of small business owners, the ads have to be ones capable of stimulating sales. AdWords campaigns are considered incredibly helpful to businesses looking to maximize their sales potential while keeping budgets reasonable. White Shark Media Review is able to assist those small businesses hoping to succeed in the pay per click AdWords arena.

Based out of Miami, Florida, White Shark Media Complaints seeks to help clients with their AdWords endeavors. While it is possible for an entrepreneur to create and account with Google or Bing AdWords and go things alone, doing so comes with risks. Inexperience eventually drags a campaign down. PPC campaigns that do not lead to revenue generation are not exactly helpful to the cause. Working with a firm such as White Shark Media could be a reliable way to support a business’ marketing goals.

White Shark Media Review handles PPC/AdWords management on behalf of clients and does so in a way that clients are always made to feel comfortable about the process. The company is very clear on explaining the work intended to be done as part of the campaign. Sales representatives are forthcoming during the initial sign-up process. The good communications continues when the client is assigned a search engine marketing (SEM) representative.
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White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

Communications is important at the firm, which is why monthly meetings (via GoToMeeting) are conducting between the SEM specialist and the client. Additionally, the phone system has been revamped to allow improved direct access to SEM representatives. Improved communications allows for greater harmony between provider and client. Also, concerns are better raised and changes in a campaign can be instated if necessary.

Reviews and testimonials about White Shark Media point out traits such as good communications, positive sales figures, and cost-effectiveness.

The company has also listened to feedback from clients to make improvements where suggested. The possibility exists White Shark Media may even expand the particular services the company offers. Overall, the firm looks to be on good footing for future growth.

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Venezuela Continues to Crumble

Situations in Venezuela Leading to Desperation
Anyone who has paid attention to international news or facebook trending news knows that Venezuela has been having a tough time lately, to say the least. Tough times, as it turns out, often lead to desperation from just about everyone.

The crisis in Venezuela has taken another bizarre turn, to the point where even military soldiers are struggling. In fact, six members of the country’s military were arrested this past weekend for stealing goats. When asked, the soldiers responded that they did so because they had to feed themselves, since the barracks were running very low on food at the time. Needless to say as per expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a situation is truly dire when even the military doesn’t have enough food and has to guard food lines.

Venezuela as a whole has been hit by turmoil and strife, the food shortages already adding to a staggering inflation rate of 181 percent, oil prices dropping heavily and water shortages and drought due to shifts in climate, mainly the El Nino effect. The main dam that supplies hydroelectric power for much of Venezuela is seeing a record shortage in water levels, and as such water now has to be rationed.

Oil prices have dropped by several billion dollars over the last years, made worse by the fact that the country’s economy is heavily dependent on its oil reserves. The government has struggled heavily with trying to adapt now.



Wealth Solutions – Richard Blair

Wealth Solutions is a registered investment advisory firm, founded by Richard Blair. The services that are offered through the company are Wealth Management, Financial Planning and Retirement planning. Wealth Management includes the creation of a investment portfolio, which allows an appropriate diversification that is based on the client’s individual need’s and goals. This includes a variety of both traditional and alternative investment courses. It is believed by Richard that the true key to successful wealth management is collaboration. A few things that have been found through clients doing wealth management, is that the clients have personal and unique investing goals, seek the advice they can trust, want a customized solution, not just a generic product, and other important points. In the creation of Financial Planning, it is beneficial to help the client to establish short term and long term goals, as it relates to their life. This includes determining the value of their assets, liabilities, and to evaluate their financial position. It also includes paying close attention to the client’s retirement plan, including the goals and objectives. Comprehensive financial planning is not only limited to retirement or estate planning, but also includes college planning. Retirement Planning is also an important aspect of Wealth Solutions, as it should be made clear that this is not just something that should be dealt with later in life. Many of the client’s that have worked with Richard, have accumulated assets, but are not sure how to plan an effective retirement plan, or even where to start. However, it is important to have an effective retirement plan that is essential for clients to keep up their lifestyle after retirement. Other items included in Wealth Solutions is Resources, Events and Client Concierge.

As the financial advisor for Wealth Solutions, which is located in Bee Cave, Texas, Richard Blair has over 24 years of experience. He has the following registrations of Investment Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner. As an Investment Advisor, he is a person who is paid to provide advice about securities within finances. And with Financial Planner Certification, this is what allows him to provide financial advice. Richard also enjoys being challenged in helping others to accomplish their own financial goals.

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A New Approach to a Difficult Field of Study

People often take vision for granted. To the layman who isn’t working with it on a professional level, vision is something that just happens. It’s usually given even less thought than breathing. But in many ways it’s almost as important as breathing, and far more complex.

This is something very obvious to researchers working within the field of image recognition. This is the process by which a machine looks at an image, picks up data from it, and returns some information based on what it’s observed.

Techcruch said that this also makes it clear that image recognition is mainly something that sits within the realm of artificial intelligence. Any camera can take in visual data. What’s difficult is making a machine understand what’s actually in that picture.

One of the more interesting trends in the field has come from use of something known as an API. These can be thought of as programming hooks that tie into a more complex system. The beauty of this from a programming perspective is that it allows people to access powerful and complex processes without needing to write them all themselves. This also allows companies an opportunity to lease out their API to other businesses.

One of the best examples of this is a company called Slyce. While there’s a lot of hobbyist interest in image recognition, they’re notable for the fact that they’ve been able to bring it into the professional world. They’ve done so through use of an internally developed API which links into powerful proprietary systems. This means that much of the heavy lifting is being done by their own powerful computer systems.

The distributed nature of the service means that it’s quite simple for a company to integrate Slyce’s system with their products. This can be done by Slyce itself, or one can make use of their API system to quickly integrate existing code with their services. Either way, the end effect is quite impressive. Slyce can essentially make a very complex procedure easy to code and even easier to use –

For programmers, a handful of extra code is all it takes to really integrate with Slyce’s services. And for end users, the process is totally invisible. One simply needs to take a picture with their phone, for example, and the complex give and take with Slyce’s services will be completely invisible to the consumer. To the end user it will simply seem like their phone is performing the complex image recognition. When the reality is that this is being done by Slyce computers. Learn more: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition

Dr Walden RecapDr. Jennifer Walden: Finding A Cure

Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, a popular plastic surgeon and resident of Lost Creek, Texas. Dr. Walden is searching for a cure for all blood cancers, and is in association with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year she is a candidate running for the title of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year.

Dr. Walden will compete for the title in honor of a local boy or girl who survived blood cancer. Candidates across the country will gather and compete, while raising money to donate to the cause. She exclaims in a recent article how privleged and honored she feels to be working towards a cure for all blood cancers. Every dollar raised will count as a vote for her and the candidate with the most votes at the end will be named Man or Woman of the year.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is nationally renowned, and popular for her career as a plastic surgeon but her associations with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society define more of who she really is as a person. A natural born leader, she is only woman to be on the board of directors for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has been featured in several magazines being portrayed as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country and is also a published author. A mother, a media darling and family woman, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a force to be reckoned with. Her hard work has gained her recognition and her generosity has given her the good name. She is deserving of this award and is a wonderful person for dedicating her time to such a good cause.