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NutriMost Helps Woman Shed 80 Lbs

There are tons of diets out there that promise quick results. However, the one diet system that is proving to be very effective is NutriMost. This is a fairly new system that was reported by FOX6Now very recently. This involves the use of technology that is very innovative in order to put together a diet plan that is designed just for the individual. One thing that it factors in is the each individual’s body chemistry. This makes it easier for the person that is on the diet to lose the excess pounds that he has put on.
There are many stories of NutriMost where people have lost upwards of 20 lbs within the first 40 days or so. One woman has actually lost a total of 80 lbs because of the plan that has been put together specifically for her. On top of that, the people that use NutriMost experience a greater amount of energy and overall better sense of well being. People that use NutriMost lose a lot of weight in a quick manner. Their metabolism improves and they are better able to do things that they couldn’t do before.

The technology of measures the individual in order to find something that will work best for the individual. All he has to do is follow the plan. He will be very amazed at the results that they get from the plan. The patients are also taught how to keep the weight off. One thing that Nutrimost does is help build better habits in each individual. This allows them to more easily keep the weight off. Many people that deal with their weight fight to keep their weight within two pounds of their ideal weight. NutriMost stays away from the one size fits all approach for weight loss and helps people find the most effective suggestion for them.

Watch Nutrimost vdieos here:

George Soros on Reestablishing European Commission’s Multi annual Financial Framework

According to an op-ed recently written by George Soros and published in The New York Review of Books, the March 2016 EU-Turkey negotiated asylum policy has four serious flaws. First, German Chancellor Angela Merkel working with the Turkish government has tried to impose this policy on the rest of the European Union. Secondly, there is no plan in place to fun the policy which will cost millions of dollars. Third, those seeking asylum on will be placed in countries where they do not choose to live because each country will be forced to accept a quota of refugees. Finally, it contains no plan to deal with the large number of refugees that are already in Germany. According to George Soros, the plan can be salvaged but it will require a major revamp.

Investors and governments around the world on often listen when George speaks because he is one of the wealthiest individuals alive. While he currently supports the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, he has given millions of dollars to support American progressive and American liberal political causes. A graduate of the London School of Economics, George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management managing the Quantum Fund which is the most successful hedge fund in history generating more than $40 billion.

George Soros points out that the European Commission already acknowledges some of these problems and have already promoted a new policy. Unfortunately, according to George, the new plan still relies on quotas. Instead, he recommends that the European Union acknowledge that they have a problem by infusing it with a huge outpouring of money immediately instead of scraping together a little bit for many years. This outpouring of funds would create good will among refugees who are currently stuck in transit in Greece or marginalized in Middle Eastern countries.

Furthermore, he says that realistic quotas must be established so that refugees can earn a living and provide for their families. George Soros suggests that the correct quota given the current political situation is between 300,000 and 500,000 per year because refugees would be assured that sometime in the near future it would be their turn to move to a new country. Refugees would be given the opportunity to choose where they want to live, however, those who are willing to move to any country would be assured that they could move at a much faster rate.

While many argue that the Soros plan which will cost about $34 billion dollars a year is too expensive, George says it is a much cheaper alternative than collapsing Europe’s Schengen system of open internal borders among twenty-six European state which he claims will cost over $3 billion in loss gross domestic product each year. The fear is that unless something happens extremely quickly, countries will be left in economic dire straights. Therefore, George recommends that the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework be quickly reestablished with the express purpose of dealing with the refugee crisis.


Oil Markets Continue to Fall in Venezuela: Schlumberger Cutting Services

Schlumberger, oilfield services provider, announced it would be reducing its services because of the low amount of cash in the country. Also affected is Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA, which has accumulated billions in unpaid bills, many of which are owed to Schlumberger.

According to this article from Fortune, Schlumberger plans to decrease services within the month. PDVSA stated that work will be distributed more evenly to companies who provide similar services. They don’t see a way of raising profits until the OPEC crisis with the low oil market ends.

We asked expert David Osio for his opinion, who feels that not only is the oil business feeling the effect of the cash-flow issue, but Mr. Osio believes the economy worldwide is taking a toll. Due to Venezuela’s plummeting currency, U.S. companies have decreased their own services in the country.

In 2013, Schlumberger had given PDVSA a $1 billion credit line so they could continue services. Nonetheless, over the next couple years, PDVSA still took millions in losses because of the lowered currency.



Fabletics Introduces a More Comfortable Little Black Dress

Just recently, Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics sat down with Marie Claire Magazine to discuss her new line of athelisure dresses debuting the first of April. Quoted by Hudson as being the lazy girl’s alternative to the little black dress, these dresses are made from quality performance material that allows more mobility for the active girl.

Although the designers do not recommend wearing the dresses while participating in sports, they are made be worn virtually everywhere else including the work office. Certain designs, such as the Tropez dress, have a built in bra. During the interview, Hudson compared the athelisure line to the high fashion lines at Alaia and Herve Lever. Just as the high end dresses are made suck you in, her line provides the same concept but at an affordable cost.

Hudson also hints at her new performance wear swimwear that’s due to hit stores mid-April. The swimwear is described as sexy, feminine and comfortable. It allows a woman to be as active as possible without worrying about anything falling out.

According to the company’s co-CEOs, and YouTube channel,¬†Fabletics¬†was birthed out of a desire to make high quality gear at an affordable price( Seeing the need for luxury and stylish workout wear for the average person, this company was created in October 2013. Within two years, Fabletics was introduced in several countries worldwide. Since then over a million orders have been shipped.

In October 2015, six stores were opened in the United States. Their are two ways to place an order, as a guest or a VIP member. In his Pinterest page, Everyone starts with a quiz that helps the company generate personalized outfits. After browsing the thousands of outfit combinations created, the shopper simply places their choice in the shopping cart.

As a guest, the shopper pays for their purchase and the transaction is completed. However, a VIP member receives a few perks along with the purchase. In addition to saving up to 50% of the regular price, the Fabletics member also earn points for free items.

There is a monthly charge for a VIP membership, but this amount is credited to the shopper’s account. New members can receive an outfit for only $25. The shipping is free for all members. Many customers, such as the Krazy Coupon Lady, scores Fabletics clothing at five stars ( She states the quality rivals the quality at Gap Body and the prices are Target affordable.

PR Newswire on SKOUT

What is SKOUT?
SKOUT is a social networking app available for free on iOS. The app is used globally to make it easy to find new people and new friends wherever you might be. SKOUT was founded in 2007 and its headquarters are in San Francisco. More information can be found at the SKOUT website

SKOUT Article Recap
PR Newswire released an article about SKOUT that revealed laughter plays a big role in online profile pictures. The article explains that the SKOUT team examined the profiles of its users and they found that those who were laughing in their online profile pictures were favorited by other users 404% more than those with ordinary profiles. In addition, laughing profiles had over a three-hundred percent increases in connections that they made compared to the average SKOUT user.

SKOUT also performed a survey using over 3000 of their users and found a few more funny things related to laughter.

  • Most people think they are funny. Those who think they are witty are even more likely to consider themselves funny.
  • Almost everyone likes to make others laugh. People with a slapstick style of comedy really enjoy making people laugh.
  • People who play practical jokes are more likely to have five or more close friends. In contrast, those who are sarcastic or self-deprecating tend to have fewer close friends and are less likely to attract people.
  • Women in the survey preferred comedy movies more so than any other kind of movie. The runner up was action movies, and romance movies came in at last place. Important things to remember the next time you take a pretty lady out to dinner and a movie.
  • 30% of those surveyed considered clowns to be scary. Strangely, those that considered themselves sarcastic were more likely to be afraid of clowns than others surveyed.

If you are interested in finding out more, the original article was written by PR Newswire and explains the findings by SKOUT in more detail. The article can be found at the PR Newswire website.