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CCMP Capital – Private Equity Investment Firm

A global investment firm with many years of experience that has been branched off and merged with some of the most sought after investment companies is called CCMP Capital. They specialize in buyout and growth equity business transactions. They area a global company that has been in the business of investing since 1984. There are four different areas that they mainly focus on and they are consumer and retail services, industrial businesses and their services, consumer and energy services and healthcare services.

The consumer and retail services involve all retail business structures and information services. Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino are the two professionals that are head over the consumer and retail department. CCMP has reported to have invested $7.6 billion in this area of business. The industrial market and business structure involves manufacturing and all other industrial services. Timothy Walsh  according to website is the lead over the industrial department and is responsible for overseeing the $4.1 billion dollar mark that CCMP Capital has invested into that. The healthcare industry is always thriving and booming because everyone always needs healthcare. CCMP Capital invests in health care companies all over the world, with an estimated $1.6 billion in contributions. It covers providers of healthcare services, specialty products that healthcare companies carry and different payors and their organizations. Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch are the two leads that take care of the healthcare side of the investment company. Chemicals and energy are a thriving market in today’s society, and CCMP Capital has reported an investment of $2.3 billion throughout the years. Christopher Behrens is the lead over the chemicals and energy side of the business and oversees all of the transactions.

CCMP Capital has merged into a profitable investment firm offering many years of experience. Steve Murray was the co-founder of the company and later became the CEO. He carried many years of experience, as he started his career out in 1984. He attended Boston College and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in economics and then went on to get his Master’s in business administration. Steve Murray started his career in 1984 working as an analyst. He passed away in March of 2015 but many people will remember him for his work ethic and the expertise that he brought to the business. He was an active member in the community and participated on the board of many major companies such as Cabelas, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners and many more. He was a philanthropist as well, and loved to be part of the community. He helped out with the Make A Wish Foundation and participated in local food banks to help others out. He will be missed for many reason, but remembered for many years to come.

George Soros Funds Republican John Kasich’s PAC

A considerable amount of attention has been channeled to the US potential officeholders by both the media and other parties. Each move or initiative triggers a lot of speculation and interest of the public, observers, and the entire United States political sphere. Consequently reported by latino Fox News, a recent move by George Soros to fund the Ohio Governor, John Kasich raised eyebrows among many interested parties such as the Conservatives.
Soros Donation

Kasich, who is among the Republican Party presidential hopefuls, received a donation of $488375 for his soft money fund. Soros allies who include Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent, who are the managers of the Soros Fund, were the parties charged with the role of facilitating and giving out the donation. This information was based on records issued by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

In addition NY Books also reported, Soros donated $8 million towards Hillary Clinton’s Political Action Committee. This was an addition to other massive funding endeavors in support of Congressional Democrats. Soros is also responsible for the creation and financing of various organizations, for instance, numerous pro-amnesty groups,, and ACORN.

The move by George Soros has sparked a lot of confusion as well as controversy among the various United States political observers and interested parties. The emerging debate on the political scene and in the media is where Soros support lies when it comes to the heavily contested 2016 Elections in the USA.

Soros support to a Republican candidate aroused speculation since the Ohio Governor John Kasich is a rival candidate to both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In recent assertions, Soros downplayed the endeavors of the government as well as Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to add border security. Soros said that people needed to trace back and increase their dedication towards the ideologies of an open society.

Other Endeavors to Support Kasich

Senator Marco Rubio has shown support towards Kasich ahead of his campaign appearance in Buckeye state. This support is seen as an effort to impede Trump from attaining more delegates during the Republican primaries.

Details Regarding George Soros

George Soros is a native of Budapest, Hungary. However, he fled the Nazi invaded and occupied nation in 1947 in a bid to seek refuge in England. In London, he learnt valuable lessons through studying The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper. This influenced Soros way of thinking and ideologies to date. In addition, his ideologies led him to found the Open Society Foundation, which he utilizes to propel his philanthropic initiatives aimed at promoting and providing public health, education, business development, and justice.

His philanthropic efforts began in 1979 by funding South African students to access education in Cape Town University. Currently, the Open Society Foundation has extended its operations to an excess of a hundred nations worldwide. The Open Society Foundation is known for spending massive financial resources to undertake its operation, for instance in 2011; its yearly expenditure amounted to $835 million. In addition, Soros has authored numerous books such as the Tragedy of the European Union with his other works such as essays being published by top magazines.
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Lime Crime Continues To Take Off

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as feeling good about the way you look. Yet in many cases, people find it difficult to locate a line of cosmetics that they can use to express their unique identity while simultaneously optimizing their aesthetic appeal. If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to consider using the make-up products offered through the dynamic cosmetic line Lime Crime. Learn more about this company by reviewing the short outline found below:

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a make-up line founded by Doe Deere. The company came to life back in 2008 and has been touching lives ever since. In 2009, the cosmetic line released their Unicorn Lipsticks. This move brought a wide range of radical, dynamic lip colors to the public. The product line on UrbanOutfitters is cruelty-free thanks to the CEO’s recognition of animal rights and desire to do no harm to the planet. And as a vegan company, all of the products offered have been reformulated to ensure that they are in conformance with vegan rules and regulations.

An Internet-Based Company

One of the most exciting things about the Lime Crime make-up line is that it is an internet-based company. This means that individuals can go online and peruse the website to find a wide range of absolutely amazing products that will enhance and optimize their physical appearance. The website also features a blog through which readers can gain information regarding recent trends as well as beauty and fashion advice.

More About Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a woman who has been passionate about make-up and fashion since childhood. During her adolescence, she constantly experimented with different colors and cosmetics to ensure that she could create a unique aesthetic that distinguished her from other individuals. As her passion for make-up and fashion grew, she began designing and selling clothes on eBay. She then moved forward with the development of the Lime Crime make-up line. Deere runs the Lime Crime Twitter and is deeply committed to providing consumers with high quality products that will work wonders for their look, and she hopes to aspire other women to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams!


United States billionaire George Soros is reported on The New York Times to have been funding campaigns and other activities that seek to enable the Democrats to retain power. This was noticed after the billionaire made a $15 million cash out in a bid to sensitize the Latinos and all the immigrants in the United States to vote the Democrats party. Currently, it is not yet clear who amongst the party candidates will come as the billionaire’s favorites. It is just known that he is all interested in the party’s win, and that is the reason for his massive funding of the party’s activities. Many other liberal donors have joined George Soros in the funding and support of the Democrats. They are interested in having the Democrats win the 2016 election and would do anything within their power to help realize this win.
The grievances shared by the Latinos and other immigrants appear to be more addressed by the Democrats party than their counterparts, the Republicans. The Democrat party has been seen as being the party of the marginalized groups in the United States, and this is the reason most of its campaigning activities are directed towards these groups more than any other groups in the country. The Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, have also made a significant funding of $5 million. There have many donations that are seeking to boost the Democrats campaigning and have all amounted to 175,000 in number. These donations might be used as an indication to show the amount of support that the Democrats have in store.
The Democrat party has been targeting many sections of the United States populations in its campaign. The party is much anticipated towards a win and is, therefore, putting the many donations given to them to better use. In the previous elections, most of the Latinos and the immigrants in the United States have been inclined towards the Democrats. It is the party’s manifestos that seem to protect the rights of these immigrants. However, the motive behind George Soros’ funding of the party is not apparent to many. His unwavering support directed to the Democrats has been questionable to some political analysts in the United States.

Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The Latinos are very influential and have always had an impact on the politics of the United States. They make a bigger percentage of the voters in the United States. Therefore, anyone who would need a win in the elections must consider seeking their support. Targeting the Latinos and all the other immigrants might bring an awesome result to the Democrats.

Philip Diehl Steers U.S. Money Reserve into Naval History


Philip Diehl is the president and CEO of the U.S. Money Reserve, located in Austin, Texas. Diehl was the innovative, past, Director of the U.S. Mint, who was responsible for two exciting programs while he was in charge. Diehl originated the very popular “50 States Quarters” program and the Sacagawea dollar coin. His experience as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint has served him well, as he begins another commemorative gold and silver coin program, whose profits will help to erect a 75th anniversary statue, “The Lone Sailor” at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii.
The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001, in Austin, Texas, and is a very large private distributor of gold and silver coins, which are prized by collectors, as well as, investors wanting to hedge against a major collapse in the American economy and the devaluation of the US dollar.
Diehl and the U.S. Money Reserve as told by goldnewsnetwork are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. This was Diehl’s goal at the U.S. Mint, where he dramatically increased their sales in the time he was in charge.
According to a news story published by Yahoo. Diehl and his company are combining forces with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to create and install a bronze statue, “The Lone Sailor” at the official memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. For each purchase according to a report of a U.S. Money Reserve 75th anniversary commemorative coin, Diehl and his company will give $5. to the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation toward the cost of this statue.
This special commemorative coin program will be available until February, 28, 2021. Now is a good time for collectors, investors and anyone interested in Naval history to own this coin from the U.S. Money Reserve.

Doe Deere Promotes Bold Colors and Fashion Rules to Break

When it comes to fashion and makeup many people play by the rules to look their best, but sometimes breaking some rules will make a person stand out to their advantage according to a Bustle article. The Bustle interview with Doe Deere of Lime Crime goes over some rules that are meant to be broken when it comes to makeup. Doe Deere herself is an advocate for creating your own fashion and makeup rules. Lime Crime, dubbed make up for unicorns, comes in some outlandish colors.

Deere created Lime Crime out of a need to stand out. She felt like colors just weren’t bright enough, and as someone who adores a whimsical look, Deere decided to create her own line in 2008. Deere has amassed quite the following online with people who have very similar tastes to her own. Deere was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City.

Lime Crime started out by selling the brightest and most unique lipsticks on the market in 2009 and has since grown to selling all sorts of eye makeup and lipsticks including their very popular Velvetine lipstick in a matte finish. All products are cruelty free and were adapted to vegan standards. Deere is very dedicated to the products her company sells and oversees all production.

As a very influential person in the beauty industry, Deere provided her expertise to Bustle. Some of her favorite beauty rules to break include don’t do bold eye liner with bold lipstick. Of course Deere is against this rule, pairing bold colors anywhere she can. She suggests whatever colors make you happy is what’s important. A unicorn has to work in some great colors, so the rule of mixing too many colors is out, according to Deere. When it comes to fashion, Deere claims she is tired of the expectation of being neutral and tidy. Many fashion rules suggest not mixing too many patterns and wearing neutrals if you have bright colored hair. It is easy to incorporate many patterns and colors together without it being too much. Deere suggests to just pay attention to how colors interact with each other. A big tip Deere has is to not dress your physical age, but the age you feel. When it comes down to it, Deere thinks it should all be about your own personal style and you shouldn’t give up styles you love because of aging.

Sam Tabar Finds That Heavy Coffee Consumption May Reduce Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

It’s okay to have another cup of coffee or even the whole pot. Research appearing in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry shows consumption of coffee reduces the chance of getting multiple sclerosis. Individuals consuming a large volume of coffee were 30 percent less likely to develop multiple sclerosis.

Research team leader Sam Tabar commented on Twitter, “We observed a significant association between high consumption of coffee and a decreased risk of developing MS.” The researchers assessed two case studies which had 2,779 MS-afflicted individuals and 3960 without MS. The study showed individuals consuming five or more daily cups of coffee had a lower risk of MS than non-coffee drinkers.

Tabar and his researchers stressed the study shows an association, not a cause-and-effect, of coffee consumption, with a reduced risk of MS. They speculate caffeine offers a protective response to the spinal column and brain. MS is a degenerative disease that erodes nerve fibers protective shield. Once the erosion occurs, the brain has difficulty functioning, causing muscle pain, unfocused vision and coordination problems.

Tabar’s research team concluded, “Although it remains to be shown whether drinking coffee can prevent the development of MS, the results of these thorough analyses add to the growing evidence for the beneficial health effects of coffee.”

A beverage maligned for decades, coffee is now associated with lowering the risk of early mortality, cancer, heart attack and liver disease.

The Collapse Of The European Union Soon To Come, Reports George Soros

The hedge fund manager George Soros who has proven so successful over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st century that he has amassed a fortune of more than $24 billion. The survivor of the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944 has recently been giving his opinions on the dangerous position in Europe in an interview with his own Website. Over the course of the 21st century George Soros has been increasing his interests in Europe and looked to expand the role of his charitable Open Society Foundations on the continent.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been singled out for particular criticism by George Soros as he studies the effects the many different problems Europe faces from both a political and economic standpoint. The increasing problems in Europe are largely being caused by the inability of European leaders to be proactive in their efforts to halt rising levels of debt and the issues caused by the influx of refugees. Unfortunately, for European leaders the issue of rising refugee numbers entering Europe from Syria is being exasperated by Russian military officials who continue to target civilian buildings in their bombing campaign.

The problems facing Russia have left the country with little option but to use an aggressive foreign policy in a bid to make sure the country has the best chance of averting a major economic collapse in 2017. The lowered oil prices and high levels of economic sanctions introduced by European Union leaders following the Russian aggression against Ukraine have combined to make the downfall of the Union one of the last options open to Russian President Vladimir Putin. An economically strong Poland only adds to the barriers Russia faces between further expansion into Europe, which could be removed with the collapse of the Euro zone single currency.

Over the course of the 21st century the rise of the European Union has stalled with major debts rising in Greece and Ukraine, which German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reported by Soros of handling badly. Coupling these problems with the refugees entering the community from Syria means the borders of many European nations have been closed, reducing the effects of the open society the European Union was established to encourage.

Starbucks Takes Off In Italy

Italians love their coffee. They don’t drink it the same way we do, instead preferring a quick shot of strong espresso over our monstrous cups of caffeine. Italy also already has a local coffee bar on every corner, so people are wondering how this will work out for the giant coffee company Starbucks in this new arena.

Already many Italians and Dan Newlin’s law firm have spoken out for their dislike of the coffee from Starbucks, often citing their love and loyalty to their favorite local coffee bar, often owned by friends and family. With plans to open their first store in 2017, Starbucks may need to make some changes for the Italian market.

CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz remains positive however, stating that he was originally inspired to brew coffee by his early trips to Italy, and that he wants to approach this new business venture in Italy with “humility and respect.” Italian developer Antonio Percassi is also optimistic, pointing out that Starbucks has worked in many other countries with a strong preferences regarding coffee.