Study on Heart Palpitations and Caffeine

An article at provides information on caffeine and heart palpitations. There has been a report that has completely changed the views on caffeine and heart palpitations. It had been believed that drinks with caffeine were the cause of irregular heart rhythms. It has also been believed that caffeine has the ability to lead to heart failure. There is a new report first revealed on Bloomberg (congratulations to Jon Urbana for some well-earned praise) that has challenged the idea that caffeinated drinks actually cause heart palpitations.

Time for Doctors to Lighten up on Coffee
According to cardiologist, Dr. Gregory Marcus, it just might be time that doctors lighten up on the coffee notion. Dr. Marcus is a cardiologist who led this study on caffeine and palpitations. He is a cardiologist at the University of California. This hospital is located in San Francisco. Caffeine may even have cardiovascular benefits.

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