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The Story Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

There is so much to say about this company I found online I am not sure where to start. So, I’ll begin by telling you about the roots of this company, or the founder, Doe Deere. She was born in Russia and now lives in New York City, where she was raised. This CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics launched a line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics so different from normal everyday makeup you see in stores today.

What I love about her is the belief system she shares with others. She doesn’t think makeup has to be just a cover that looks good but she believes feeling right in the moment is what’s more important. So along comes this magical line of cosmetics that are pigmented and vibrant and animal friendly. She developed lipsticks, eye shadow and nail polish with such bold colors they are intense!

Doe is a firm believer that a woman needs to find her own voice as well as following your heart. Mentoring others in the spirit of women in business is one of her loves and she offers anyone the chance to follow and reach out to her on Twitter. That is saying a lot about this woman.

Now on to the makeup. Lime Crime is for lips, eyes and nails. For lips you can get their signature product, Velvetines. This liquid to matte lipstick can be found in such bold colors like jinx, which is a type of purple, Salem which is a dark brown or Wicked, a really deep red and one of my favorites. The inspiration came from the texture of a rose. It goes on in liquid form and then dries to give a matte finish. The look makes you feel awesome and the look is like velvet, or a matte finish.

One of the reasons I buy this product is because it is PETA verified as cruelty free, which are the only cosmetics I would buy. I don’t buy products that have any animal derived ingredients and these do not. Also, the suppliers that sell to Lime Crime promise there is no animal testing in their products as well so I don’t have to worry that I’m getting anyting that isn’t as promised.

What I like about their eye makeup is it reminds you of the nineties. A bit of the grunge with rusty-reds and other neutral colors make painting your eyes incredibly picturesque. It’s like painting a picture except it’s your eyes. Muse is a deep burgandy while Aura is a color that seems to glow in a pearlish ivory color.

The nail color only has about six different shades but they are so vibrant. Parfaitday and Lavendairy are my favorites but in my opinion, buying anything at all from Lime Crime Cosmetics is a win-win.

Get an Awesome Experience from the Most Trending Application

Your social life may be experiencing extinction. There is no need to worry, since the address book in your cell phone may have what it takes to blossom it. With the genesis of fuse, an interesting application that has been brought by the great team of Skout, you can now experience great features. This social network has managed to connect a population of over five hundred million people while connecting over a hundred and eighty countries.

The cofounder of Skout, chief technical officer and the chief executive officer have inaugurated Fuse recently. It has been viewed to be of good functionality. Navigating through the app is easy and interesting. Their main objective is to ensure that users are contented and get less complicated tools that can enable them make a social network of their own, which can be accessed without the use of their cell phones or tablets

This application is for people who are on the run. Similar to snapchat, you can actually update the settings to make messages and photos that have been posted by you, vanish in less than ten minutes. It begins once the message has been opened.

The users of fuse are easily identified by their mobile numbers. Unlike other social networks, they do not have a spot for profile photos, just simple initials. Fuse has an interesting social dynamic. A good example is when you inquire from a member if they can accept your request of joining, once it is granted, you cannot unfriend. Though, if you feel you want to leave, it can be done by simply opting out.

Some of the important features is that a group member may get a notification of a message but once the time span expires you will not be in a position of viewing it since it would have disappeared and no one can access it from the group. While doing content sharing group members can choose to either be in ghost mode or publicize your identity.

Skout having been founded in the year 2007 in Sweden, said that fuse was a production of their first original application, since Skout did not have the capacity to accommodate more features. The founders were clear that the two applications would be intersected.

Skout made a declaration on February fourth to be an international online day. Recently, it surveyed the community to research how many people were making use of the application to communicate with new people all over the world. They realized that the Philippines use it more than the British, Australians and French.

OrganoGold’s Teas And Coffees Are Something Special

OrganoGold is a company wanting to make a difference in the world. It is a company that is determined to bring its products to those all across the globe, and many people have come to hear of it and all that it is doing because of that. They know that the company is determined to do good things, and that makes them excited about trying out the products that it offers.

A popular follow on Twitter, Bernardo Chua wanted to make his company into something great, and his blog describes how that is just what he has done with OrganoGold. The hard work that Bernardo Chua put into the company, and the years of dedication that he had in his career as a businessman previously, have really paid off for him. His experience has helped him out a lot, and he can now feel good about all of the years that he spent working hard because of all of the success he is currently having.

Bernardo Chua is doing great things in his career through the company that he started up. He is happy to be spreading the word of the Chinese herb that he has always loved so much, himself, and that he has believed in for a long time, and he is hopeful that his brand will continue to grow as time goes on.

When someone hears of a company that is trying to make a difference in the world they most often start to get curious. Not every company cares about the things that it is doing, but OrganoGold does. This company is all about doing things in the best way possible, and it is all about giving people products that will make them healthier. Bernardo effectively shows on Facebook that the teas and coffees sold by this brand are something great, and everyone can feel good buying from the brand because of that.