The Nostrum of Prostate Cancer Is the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

No one wants to deal with the gruesome condition; cancer. The hard truth is that the American Cancer Society that in every seven adult male one is likely to be suffering from prostate cancer. Sadly, we have lost big talents such as Lamar Hunt of Kansas City Chiefs whose demise was preceded by this menace.

September is the Prostate cancer awareness month which will have a different approach this year; prostate cancer awareness announcements through media throughout the period. The collaboration between Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), National Football League Alumni Association (NFLA), and LabCorp will carry out Prostate Pep Talk campaign to raise awareness and encourage screening tests.

In the masculine gender, those with the highest probability of being diagnosed with prostate cancer are those with family history and men of African-American origin (70% higher than those of American origin). The collaboration will see men of 40 years and above get a free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening throughout the US and at a subsided rate of $25 for those who will sign up after the first 2,000 lot. Sean Cavanaugh of Southeastern Regional Medical Center, the Chief of Radiation Oncology, says that the initial fight or defense against prostate cancer is screening.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospital offering cancer management and treatment services across the United States. It was established in 1988 with Schaumburg, Illinois as the head office though relocated to Boca Raton, Florida in 2015. Cancer Treatment Centers of America due to its effectiveness and success record has the Joint Commission Full Standards Compliance and also the Key Quality Measures and the Magnet Award. Elsewhere it has the National Accreditation in Breast Centers Program.

It has a presence in the Midwestern, Southwestern, Eastern, Western and Southeastern regions in these locations; Zion – Illinois, Tulsa – Oklahoma, Philadelphia- Pennsylvania, Goodyear-Arizona and Newnan-Georgia respectively. Four hospitals in the network have a five-star rating. Lomas De Chapultepec is their newly opened patient information and concierge office.

A Look At Some Real Freedom Debt Relief Reviews From Actual Customers

Rita J. and Julie M. both have positive Freedom Debt Relief reviews. In the case of Rita, she was over $20,000 in debt when she had a child. The expenses of her new daughter put a strain on her finances and she unable to make payments to her creditors.

Feeling overwhelmed by her debt, Rita J. contacted Freedom Debt Relief because she said they seemed trustworthy. She also believed they could help her get out of a massive financial hole that she was now in. With the assistance of Freedom Debt Relief, Rita J. is now debt free. She says that she now has peace and is well on her way to good financial health. Rita says that Freedom Debt Relief has a very simple process to get out of debt. They also make you feel secure and help you deal with your creditors.

Julie M. says that working with Freedom Debt Relief not only helped her get out of debt, but that it helped her marriage as well. She contacted the company after her husband was laid off from work. At the same time, her own business started to see a sharp decrease in business. With mounting credit card debt and being unable to pay it all back, Julie M. says she was looking for a solution to her financial problems.

She recalls that the first conversation with Freedom Debt Relief was very helpful. The representative from the company was very nice and seemed to care about her. Julie M. would highly recommend their services to anybody struggling with debt or who cannot make the minimum payments. By utilizing Freedom Debt Relief services, Julie M. was able to get her life back on track and hit a financial reset. Julie M. is now financially healthy and that is in large part due to the services she received at Freedom Debt Relief.

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Freedom Debt Relief – A Leading Company In Providing Financial Solutions

Freedom Debt Relief is a financial company started in 2002. The company was developed after the realization of a lack of options for people struggling with debt. Since its founding, the mission of Freedom Debt Relief has been to offer people financial solutions and services that will allow them to get rid of their debt. Along with this, Freedom Debt Relief also hopes to help build wealth and achieve freedom within finances of their customers.

At Freedom Debt Relief, it is ensured that the top employees in the industry are hired. By doing this, customers are receiving the best financial solutions for their money. Over hundreds of thousands of people have found success when working with one of the thousands of employees hired. Freedom Debt Relief differs from most companies due to its program. When signing up, there are no fees charged until a solution is made. Along with this, customers are allowed to choose the frequency amount of deposits made that go toward their debt. Customers have complete control over their account which will lead to the financial security that many want and need.

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Bob Reina: Fearless, Confident, and Humble

A lot of people reading this might be wondering how someone can be fearless, confident, and humble all in one. That is how it works with Bob Reina, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion dating all the way back to 2007 when he founded the company. Bob Reina was fearless in the fact that he actually started the company in the first place. A lot of people don’t have the strength or the conviction to even do that. They like the idea of it, but they don’t actually follow through with it. They worry about the risks and they wonder what could go wrong. Bob Reina does not think in terms of what could go wrong. He thinks in terms of what could go right and looks on the bright side of things.


As far as being confident, he knew the world was ready for a product like Talk Fusion with all of its video technology. As the years have gone by, they have only gotten more advanced. In fact, in 2016, they won two awards and one of them was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. It was an award that perfectly encapsulates everything that Talk Fusion is about as a company in terms of their beliefs and their ideas.


As far as being humble, when they won the award, Bob Reina gave praise to everyone but himself. He is very proud of his team and the hard work, dedication, and commitment they put into it. He knows it matters to them. It matters to him as well, which shows Bob Reina is not just in this for the money. That is not at all his motivation behind Talk Fusion. As he has talked about, he is in this to change lives. He has even called it a mission, as a matter of fact.


It is a mission he does not take lightly either. It is a mission that never takes a day off at Talk Fusion. All of the employees know the mission and they fully commit to it one hundred and ten percent. Learn more:


Bradesco’s Stock Is Up By More Than 39 Percent In 2017 According To CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco

The time to buy Brazilian bank stocks is now, according to the big Wall Street investment firms. The Brazilian government is still a mess, but President Michel Temer is trying to work through the political fiasco. That’s not an easy task, according to some economists. Brazil’s government and the complicated red tape it put in place years ago still holds businesses hostage. Temer is implementing several new mandates, and they will help get the economy moving, but it is a slow process. Some Brazilians businesses aren’t happy with Temer or his government programs.

Former President Dilma Rousseff wants to right the wrong she felt when she got the boot last year. Her supporters are still throwing a lot of political mud at Temer and his administration. Corruption is always the flavor of the day in Brazil’s political scene. But all the political fire and fury and the nasty comments don’t impact the banking industry in Brazil. The banks in Brazil are moneymakers in good and bad economic times. The banks know how to protect their assets, and expand their financial reach by investing, carrying insurance protection, and by taking advantage of some of the government policies that keep the government-owned banks in business.

Not all banks in Brazil function the way Banco Bradesco does, and that fact is becoming obvious to foreign investors. According to 66-year-old CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco’s stock is making Wall Street a believer in the bank again. Trabuco and the bankers who work with him didn’t waste any time when they put a team of techno-experts to work. Bradesco has a formidable presence online, and the bank’s Personas Project is bringing the bank and its customers closer together. Bradesco knows the spending and buying habits of its customers thanks to the Personas Project, and that gives the bank a closer relationship with its client base. The project also helps the marketing department find new customers. Trabuco’s team is also responsible for putting new incentives in place for customers and those incentives are working.

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Luíz Carlos Trabuco doesn’t like to take credit for Bradesco’s success. But the bank knows his worth. Trabuco is only the fourth president in the Bank’s six-decade history, and he is the most popular according to feedback from current employees. Mr. Trabuco is a dedicated Bradesco employee. His banking career is well-documented, and his team’s accomplishments put Bradesco in the running for the title of “the second largest bank in the country.” Bradesco has more than 5,000 bank branches and thousands of service centers around the country. When the Trabuco executive team put the HSBC deal to bed in 2015, some people thought it would take years to sort out all the issues that develop from a large acquisition. But the transition is working better than expected. Bradesco is making believers out of the naysayers. The Bradesco executive team is responsible for the success, according to other bank executives.

Bradesco stock is outperforming Itaú stock this year. And that is a sign that Trabuco and the other bank executives are making the right operational and financial decisions. But even though Trabuco and his team are in the limelight, no one is taking their eyes off the bank’s goal. Bradesco’s Board of Directors wants the bank to be the largest privately held bank in the country in terms of assets. Thanks to the bank’s 2017 performance that goal is in sight. But Itaú Unibanco has the same goal, so the race to the top is far from over.

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Omar Yunes a Successful Entrepreneur with Award Winning Restaurants in Mexico

Running a franchise of a big brand is never easy. Since high standard needs to be maintained, the big brands ensure that all its franchises are run by competent people who are dedicated towards their work. Sushi Itto is one of the top Japanese restaurant chains with its presence in many different continents. The company was reluctant to enter the Mexican market first, but Omar Yunes, a Mexican entrepreneur, stepped in and got its franchise. He is the current owner of 13 units in Mexico. The franchise has more than four hundred employees who work with diligent to maintain the standards of the company.

Omar Yunes gained international success after his franchise won the 2015 Best Franchisee of the World Award. The ceremony that was held in Florence, Italy was part of a ceremony that honored the brands that excelled in the franchise industry. According to Omar Yunes, the award was not just for him, but for his entire staffs that work very hard to maintain the standard, the brand is known for. The ceremony saw franchisees from 34 different countries competing for the top award. Omar Yunes won the leading award for setting up exemplary business processes, quality control board and top strategies for the management of its activities. Once the award was announced, it did not come as a surprise as he was one of the top contenders with everyone’s eyes on him.

The awards allow the brand and its franchisees to motivate to keep working hard. It also shows the exceptional leadership of Omar Yunes who is behind its success. He is particular about the customer care, its product offerings, and its hospitality so that their customers can have an enjoyable experience at the restaurants. Having started the first franchise when he was only 21 years old, Omar Yunes has come a long way and had 13 franchises to his name. He hopes to add more to the list in the coming years. His family was into politics, but he wanted to do something of his own. Thus, he chose to grow his units of franchisees in Mexico of one of the top restaurants in the world.

Adding Spice to Fitness the Fabletics way

For many, when the Hollywood acting role calls, they never look back at into other ventures they could pursue. Hollywood is a dream and for Kate Hudson, it was definitely one. However, she did not stop at the point of having dozens of films and a Golden Globe under her belt.

Kate owns Fabletics which she launched in 2013. She has leveraged on her name to move the brand from a mere start-up to a multi-million ‘ athleisure’ brand. She joins the line of some of the Hollywood greats who have gone ahead to start their own brands and become their own brand ambassadors.

The company aims to provide women of all body sizes with high-quality, comfortable and attractive workout clothes. These clothes can then become part of everyday wear.

The company also works on a membership model that allows them to personalize their brand to its users. By being VIP members, the customers receive massive discounts on the company’s costly products. This, therefore, ensures a big and regular customer base that has propelled the brand to prosperity. They also tap into the current worldwide campaigns that promote healthy eating and exercise. Their selling point is however on offering comfortable and stylish products that can be worn in the gym or outdoors.

The company has grown by over 200 % and now has 18 retailers. They also have a membership of more than 1.2 million people across 8 countries. It recently posted a revenue of $250 million. Their venture into plus size products has also helped increase sales and tap a bigger audience.

Many would say that it is her name that made Fabletics a household name, but there is more than meets the eye.

Kate Hudson has always been a person who looks at things differently. Her hands-on approach to business has ensured that she carries the brand name everywhere she goes. She is also hands-on in the company operations and has hence helped steer the company to success. Her mother Goldie Hawn, who runs a foundation, the Hawn Foundation has been a great inspiration for her.

In a recent interview on why she started Fabletics, Kate states that “I wanted women to get excited about being active, and one way to do that is to make it easy, fun, and affordable. We wanted to create a model that would allow us to have a quality that’s comparable to (or better than) other brands but that’s also accessible so that it can reach more women.I also felt strongly that it should be inclusive so that women of any size, shape, age, or ability could feel great in the clothes”

Kate Hudson is very big on data. It is no wonder she also points the company’s success and brand loyalty to embracing customer reviews. These reviews have helped them create products that touch on customer expectations.

When signing up for a Fabletics account, customers are required to fill in a brief quiz. This is very important since the answers help the company identify the customer’s body size. It also helps Fabletics provide a more customized and personalized experience.

Traveling Vineyard- A Successful Direct Selling Company

Traveling Vineyard is a pioneering direct selling company that has empowered several business persons across the country to earn through wine investments. The company was first established in 2001 through profound concepts that include home based wine tasting. In 2010, the company was acquired and restructured by Richard Libby. Traveling Vineyard is found in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and runs with over 5,000 marketers who work independently. These marketers are popularly called wine guides.

The company is an active member of direct selling association which monitors ethical standards and enforces stipulated policies. Further, Traveling Vineyard is also a member of Better Business Bureau.

Various wine guides receive exclusive support from Travelling Vineyards. The company provides high-end technology for ample business management. This is possible through their well-designed applications that offer knowledge through programs that include Sommology. To meet their primary goal of promoting home-based wine services, all wine guides receive professional support while aiding the process of wine tasting.

Wine guides serve as the pillar at Travelling Vineyard. For this reason, they are highly rewarded to enable them to spread their love of wine the public. Besides, building more friendships enable the wine guides to widen their income base and career profile. Traveling Vineyard is keen at the way people perceive and experience wine. This community focus is also key in guiding people to lead better lives.

It is important to realize that Travelling Vineyard is one of the few companies that offer home based business opportunities. Several moms are among those who have highly benefited from these opportunities. Travelling Vineyard provides its clients with a noble chance to further their career with a flexible and dynamic work schedule. Equally, the company offers extensive training programs coupled with full-time support. While sampling a range of delicious wines prepared by the company, wine guides also get a good chance of making more friends and interacting with their old friends.

To become a wine guide, a subscriber buys a success kit at $99. The kit consists of all fundamental requirements such as brochures, order forms, wine glasses, and bag. The subscriber is also required to buy tasting sets for the first two parties at $150. Wine guides receive a credit of $50 if they meet a minimum sale of $1400 within the first eight weeks together with a standards commission rate of 15-35% solely based on sales. A subscriber also earns more by recruiting extra members.

Traveling Vineyard offers their wine guides a free personal website for the first three months after which a monthly fee of $15.95 applies. This website is crucial in maintaining the company’s online presence and allowing the wine guides to engage their clients independently.

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Avaaz: Changing People’s Lives Through Online Campaigns

Avaaz is a civic organization headquartered in New York City. The organization promotes global activism on different issues including poverty, climate change, corruption, conflict, human rights, and animal rights. Avaaz is considered the world’s largest and most powerful online activist network.

Since its launch in 2007, Avaaz has seen a meteoric rise. It has more than 8 million members, has donated more than $15 million online, and has organized more than 10,000 rallies and events in different countries around the world.

Founding Members of Avaaz

The organization was co-founded by Ricken Patel, Tom Perriello (the former Virginia congressman), Eli Pariser (Executive Director of MoveOn), David Madden (an Australian entrepreneur), Andrea Woodhouse and Jeremy Heimans. Among the groups that helped establish the organization include Res Publica and Res Publica (RE) is an independent non-partisan community of public sector professionals who are devoted to promoting civic virtue, good governance, and deliberative democracy., on the other hand, is an American-based political action committee and public policy advocacy group. Another founding partner of Avaaz is Service Employees International Union. Flickr Photos.


Ricken Patel, one of the co-founders of Avaaz, serves as the president and executive director of the organization. Patel has an undergraduate degree in politics, philosophy, and economics from Balliol College. He also holds a master’s degree from Havard University.

Patel has been an influential activist and has even been referred to as “the global leader in regards to online protests” by The Guardian. The World Economic Forum has also named him a “Young Global Leader.”

Global campaigns

The organization’s campaigns are managed by a team of campaigners who are based in different countries including the UK, India, Lebanon, and Brazil. The campaigners communicate via email, and employ campaigning tactics that include videos, online public petitions, and email-your-leader tools.

Rocketship Charter Schools Create Successful Learning Environments

Rocketship schools were founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in California in 2007. This network of charter schools consists of sixteen schools. Rocketship charter school locations are in California, Tennessee, Washington DC and Wisconsin. The goal of Rocketship charter schools is to provide a quality education to children in areas that may be underfunded.

Rocketship charter schools put several key factors into place when recognizing the student, teacher and school dynamic for each child’s learning experience. Personalized learning starts at home with each unique rocketship student. Each child has specific needs and parents can help teachers and the school recognizes and nurtures those needs.

Another Rocketship philosophy is to change the future we need to create more demand. While most Rocketship charter schools are kindergarten to fifth grade they are recognizing the need to expand to 12th grade. Many teachers will see their fifth grade students’ move on to junior high and high school and wonder how they are doing and if the new school is meeting their educational needs. Through expansion, Rocketship charter schools will be able to present in each rocketeers learning experience from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Rocketship charter schools honor the power of parents. Children truly excel in school when they have involved parents. Since Rocketship is not yet expanded to junior high and high school, parents in the community must rally together and demand better educations for their children when they leave the charter school. Integrating children does not create culturally responsive schools. Teachers help to create this environment for their students. Rocketship charter schools also believe that actions speak louder than words and by demonstrating this philosophy by providing better education to the children proves they believe in what their mission is. Rocketship charter schools hope to expand to service more communities in the near future. Communities welcome Rocketship Charter schools and their educational methods.